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Skye Wallace works to compile all of the stark elements of the Canadian landscape into a sort of musical archive. Inspired by historical non-fiction and field recordings, particularly the esteemed National Parks Project, her songs are made out of stories hidden in plain sight. The resulting sound is melodic, gritty, and orchestral.

Skye is currently residing, performing, and writing in Vancouver.

After having embarked on a successful Canada-wide tour in 2013 and West Coast festival circuit (Artswells, North Country Fair, Khatsalano, Sled Island, Edge of the World), Skye Wallace now plans to record, release, and tour a third album by this spring.  The new sounds and compositions are comprised of influences from classical string pieces, the grunge-folk movement, and her own vulnerable storytelling.

“… Her enchanting voice is complimented by an array of instruments, some of which are highly unusual. Her music will make a worthy addition to any record collection.
Vincent Jones
Music City Podcast \ CBC Radio West \ Welcome to Kelowna

“…hauntingly beautiful and eerie.”
One1One Magazine

“…The music seems to fill the entire room and entrance the audience.
Vancouver Music Review

A talented vocalist and instrumentalist with a hauntingly beautiful voice.”
Red On Black Music

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